Membership Information


The Yacht Club has 5 classes of membership. Regular – Family - Honorary – Life – Social - Resident. Typically individuals enter the club as a regular member. To maintain an enjoyable and somewhat private experience “Regular Memberships” are limited to 225 members and their immediate family (i.e. spouse and children under 21). When the regular membership totals 225, a waiting list is established. Regular Membership is open to all acceptable individuals and married couples, age twenty-one (21) or over, expressing a desire to further the purpose of the Club. When a married couple seeks to become a member either the husband or the wife must be age twenty-one (21) or over.

Candidates for membership are required to obtain the recommendation from two (2) regular members in good standing. Upon receiving the recommendations a completed application accompanied with the required fees  ($500 initiation) are submitted to the Membership Committee for review. Upon review and recommendation of the committee, the candidate is presented at the Clubs regular monthly meeting and a vote taken by the membership. Candidates receiving a two-thirds 2/3 affirmative vote are accepted as a member.

Submit a Member Application online

Or you can also download our Membership Application (completed applications should be sent to Roberta Schott -

Q. Who should I contact for Membership information?
A. The Membership Chairman – Roberta Schott (509) 264-7283

Q. What if I don’t know any Club Members to sponsor me?
A. You can call Roberta Schott or simply visit the Clubhouse and Grounds and introduce yourself. Our members are very friendly and willing to get acquainted.

The Lake Chelan Yacht Club is the best experience and value on Lake Chelan